Top Tips On Visiting Bruges Belgium

Over the past few years, Bruges has become more and more popular. Today, Bruges, the capital of the north of Belgium is one of the country’s most popular travel destinations.

If you have never visited Bruges, then you might wonder why it’s so popular, but after a visit you will soon see why. With stunning canals, cobbled streets and beautiful, medieval architecture, Bruges is an amazing place.

If you are thinking of planning a trip to Bruges, then you are in the right place. To help you plan the perfect break, we have put together some simple tips, below:

Choose your accommodation

If you are planning on spending the first night of your trip in Brussels, then you will need to book two hotels. Have a look online to find the best hotels, and once you have found a hotel that you like the sound of, do some research on it.

To get an idea of all the best hotels on offer, check out and see which hotels take your fancy. There are so many amazing hotels in Bruges to choose from; it’s just about finding the right one.

Book a flight to Brussels

The main way to get to Bruges is to fly into an airport in Brussels and then travel via train to Bruges. It might seem a little irritating, but trains in Belgium are comfortable and cheap, so it shouldn’t be too tricky.

If you want to save money on the cost of your flights, you can fly into Charleroi Airport instead of Brussels Airport. Charleroi Airport is an hour from central Brussels, but if you want to save money, it’s worth it.

Travel to Bruges

Once you have arrived in Brussels, you can then either spend the night there or take the train to Bruges straight away. The train journey to Bruges takes just under an hour, so isn’t too long. You can either travel there on the day you arrive or the next morning, depending on what time you arrive.

Hire a bike

Bruges is an amazing city, and somewhere that is best explored on foot or even better, by bike. Just outside the train station you will find a company that hires out bikes. So if you fancy cycling, you can pick up a bike for the weekend from here.

As well as walking tours, Bruges also has bike tours. If you are a keen cyclist and fancy seeing Bruges while cycling, getting tickets to a Bruges bike tour is perfect for you. If not, you could always book tickets for the walking tour instead.

Sample beer and take a brewery tour

Bruges is famous for its delicious beers, so while you are there make sure to sample a beer or two. Even if beer isn’t your thing, at least give it a try. All the different varieties of beer on offer are amazing, there are just so many to sample.

As well as sampling the different beers, if you have the time, why not take a brewery tour? Seeing how the beer is made is an amazing experience, something that even those who dislike beer will enjoy.

Bruges is a beautiful place to visit and somewhere that everyone should see at least once. Whether you only have a couple of days for your trip or a couple of weeks, you can easily make the most of Bruges.

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