What to Wear for Photos on the Beach at Sunset

Are you getting ready for a seaside photoshoot? Kudos! It’s one of the most magical locations, especially around the golden hour.

Of course, you’ll need clothes to be on your side, and it takes a bit of skill to know exactly what to wear for photos on the beach at sunset. 

Don’t fret.

In this post, we go over outfit choices, colors, and poses to complement your serene backdrop. Let’s get started!

What Do You Wear to Sunset Beach Photos?

The beauty of beach photoshoots is all about simplicity, but that’s often easier said than done.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Clothing and Material

For the ladies, the magic word is long flowy dresses! You know how windy it gets at the beach, and the breeze is the perfect companion to a breathable flowy dress.

If you’re not fond of dresses, pairing a plain crop top, a delicate blouse, or a linen shirt with soft wide-leg pants will do the trick.

Avoid wearing snug-fitting dresses or skirts. You want as much freedom of movement as possible.

For the guys, get yourself a full button-up shirt and a pair of khaki pants or shorts. Avoid items with clashing patterns. Logos and stripes draw attention away from the breathtaking scenery.

Remember, you need to blend in rather than stand out!

Colors To Wear For Sunset Photo

White remains a top choice. It complements all skin tones and brings out the vibrancy in the surroundings. Yet, adding some color won’t hurt. Just make sure it tones with the backdrop.

The following soft colors fit the bill:

  • Beige
  • Champagne pink
  • Lavender blue
  • Sage green
  • Canary yellow

Generally, it’s better to keep your colors limited to a splash here and there. The less color you wear, the more you harmonize with the hues around you.

If it’s a group photo, it goes without saying that your colors should match. You don’t want one of you to look out of place wearing bright red when you’re all dressed in soft pastels!

How to Pose in a Seaside Photo

During the golden hour, take photos both facing the sun and away from it.

Face the sun and pose next to a pile of rocks or palm trees so that the sun can cast its rays on you for a flawless look. 

Then, to blend in with the sunset, stand with your back to the sun, and don’t forget to take a strong silhouette pose while you’re at it!

How to Look Comfortable in a Photo

The best look you can have is one that is both comfortable and confident. If you have trouble moving around, you’ll feel awkward, and it’ll show.

A part of your confidence comes from being happy with what you’re wearing, but you also need to be physically comfortable.

That’s why it’s better to ditch shoes altogether. Walking barefoot with draping fabric is the key to a naturally effortless look. 

As a bonus tip, try to get familiar with your photographer. It’ll be easier to pose in front of someone you’re friendly with.

Wrap Up

Whether it’s a family or a couple’s photoshoot, figuring out what to wear for photos on the beach at sunset is crucial.

You can’t go wrong with white and earth tones on flowy clothes. Just keep it simple, smile from your heart, and create some spectacular shots!

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